Your most efficient phone solution yet

Are you still using a traditional phone system but are worried about spending a fortune to replace it? Are your phone bills spiraling out of control? Technikel Solutions has the affordable, more advanced solution you’ve been waiting for. It’s called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and it gives a whole new meaning to the word “efficiency”.

Technikel Solutions’s VoIP service allows you to oust your traditional phone line completely and instead make and receive calls over the Internet. Not only will you reduce costs and receive better service, but you can potentially cut your current phone expenses in half.

Here’s how your business benefits from our VoIP phone solution:

  • Improved customer service - with call forwarding, holding music, collaboration and video conferencing
  • Slash costs - routing calls through the Internet is far cheaper than using a traditional phone system
  • Easy to use - with user-friendly interfaces and systems that don’t require hours of training

Businesses everywhere are turning to VoIP for today’s powerful, modern phone solution. Are you ready to make your business more efficient?

Formerly Westcoast IT Services Ltd.