Are Your Colleagues Set up for Remote Work?

  • Does your team have the right technology tools to remain productive and secure when working from home? 
  • Do your colleagues have safe remote access to company information? 
  • Are they risking organizational cybersecurity breaches with their remote working habits? 
  • Does your organization have reliable backups just in case? 
  • How often are those backups tested and verified?

Unless you have on-site I.T. staff and/or are working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP… like us), it is important you know the answers to the questions above. 

We are happy to collaborate with you and prepare a no-strings-attached “Remote Work Assessment” of your working-from-home protocols. 

Not only will our Remote Work Assessment provide you with a snapshot of “where you’re at” but will also provide recommendations to improve employee efficiency as well as minimize organizational risk… now for the best part:

  • We will not charge you for your Remote Work Assessment
  • Your Remote Work Assessment (.pdf) is yours to keep and share as you see fit

Take control of your work-from-home policies!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Is Your Company’s I.T. Ready for the New Normal?

If you’ve ever watched two sports teams battle it out for a championship, you’ve no doubt heard an
announcer opine that “defense wins championships”. Put another way, the team that makes fewer
mistakes usually wins.

Due to a global pandemic, almost all of us have been forced to play more defense over the last few months… figuring out how to engage our teams remotely, supporting our clients, and tightening our purse strings.

group of people having a meeting
Is Your Company’s I.T. Ready for the New Normal?

However, in business, reactive defense alone cannot win us what we’re after. Instead, we must
proactively set goals and then take focused actions to achieve success. At Technikel, we help SMBs
(small & medium-sized businesses) leverage technology to improve organizational productivity and
minimize their risk of a cyber attack.

Put another way, organizations tell us where they want to be in 2-5 years, and we design a customized technology roadmap (and support them every step of the way) to get them there.

As the dust begins to settle on the “new normal” and your mindset starts to shift from reactive defense
to proactive offense, we’re here to help. We are happy to offer a no-obligation, 60-minute free I.T. health check of your organization to provide you with a colour-coded, 10-page report of priorities both short and long-term. The best part is that the information is yours to keep and share as you see fit.

If you’re an SMB that knows better days lie ahead, let us empower you with our unlimited I.T. support and
I.T. consulting services.

When the timing is right for you, we’re here to answer any technical questions you may have as well as advise on best practices when your team is “working from anywhere”.

#stayhealthy #staystrong #weareallinthistogether

Contact us if you have any questions related to this. We look forward to hearing from you!